Ladies Intro to Pistols Level 2

The Course: Female led, ladies only

The intent of this course is to take the skills you currently posses, and apply them to the real
world level. It is relatively easy to shoot paper targets at a known distance on a static,
stationary range… but should you ever need to defend yourself, the conditions will NOT be
This class will cover the following…
– Firearm Safety
– The Fundamental of shooting… but in a combative situation.
– The elements of the draw.
– Pistol presentation on target.
– Real world reloading techniques (administrative, tactical, and emergency).
– Malfunctions and clearing techniques.
– Driving the weapon on target / multiple targets.
– Single handed manipulations.

The Requirements:
– Your pistol of choice.
– OWB (Outside the Waistband) Holster.
– Magazine or Speed Loader Pouch.
– One spare magazine or speed loader.
– 300 rounds of ammunition.

If this sounds interesting to you, this is your class.
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