Ladies Intro to Pistols Level 1

The Course: Female led, ladies only

The intent of this course is to take the new shooter from a level of “limited or no” handgun
experience, to a basic level of comfort and confidence when handing, manipulating, and
operating a handgun.

This class will cover the following:
– Firearm Safety
– The different types of handguns and their specific cycles of operation.
– Handgun nomenclature.
– The Fundamentals of marksmanship.
– Recoil management.
– Handgun selection.
– Live range drills with a certified instructor.
– Storing a firearm.
– Cleaning a firearm.

The Requirements:
– Your handgun (or we can provide you with one)
– 50 rounds of ammunition.
– Eye and hearing protection.
– An open mind and a willingness to learn!

If this sounds interesting to you, this is your class.
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